Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Media Ecology

The image below is a map of my media ecology.  

Pandora,YouTube, Facebook, and Tumblr/blogs are usually accessed via cell phone. I also use my cell phone to text friends, family, and boyfriend.  Online shopping is also on the map, as I use sites like Amazon and online clothing sites to do most of my shopping. I also frequently use D2L and play video games on my laptop. Finally, I use email for both school/professional and personal emails.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Write like Poe.

While scouring the Internet for Poe's works for my Informatics class, I stumbled across this gem. Huffington Post writer Maddie Crum created a Poe short story generator in honor of Poe's birthday. For those of us that lack the creative writing gene and are also fans of Poe, this little online Mad Libs is fascinating. Although Poe is still well known, she developed a way to keep Poe's writing relevant by tying it to media, so kudos to you, Maddie.


Tuesday, January 19, 2016

My Old & New Media

Unlike a lot of people, I grew up in a household with little in terms of technology. While the new media in my possession is scarce, the old media is almost nonexistent.

Old Media

  • A few VHS tapes scattered throughout the basement
  • A dusty, unused Wii console (including Wii Sports)
New Media
  • Computers (of course)
    • School laptop, home desktop
  • Cell phone (of course)
    • 2,000+ digital downloads
  • Smart TV (rarely used)