Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Lit Genius - Poetry for Dummies?

Sample Leaderboard
Last week, the Foundations of English for New Media class explored Lit Genius, a site where readers can post entire works or excerpts for others to annotate. Users can examine song lyrics, poems, short stories, etc. This site brings in experienced readers that, through their annotation, assist fans in understanding a work.

Lit Genius contains a large database of works that have already been annotated; however, users are able to create accounts and upload text that is made public for other users.  In order to be able to annotate, users have to rack up "IQ points." This can be done by exploring the site, updating the profile, and providing useful or accurate annotations. Users that earn the most IQ Points can make it onto the Leaderboard and even become the "Top Scholar."
Sample Annotation

The site is user-friendly and lacks the standard insulting comments, creating an intellectual environment for those that are searching to understand. Linked is the work that I annotated, William Wordsworth's "Written in March."

Monday, March 14, 2016

Media Usage over Spring Break

While most students packed up and went to exotic places to enjoy the sun, I was trapped in windy Redfield, South Dakota with a cold.  Over the week(ish) that I spent sick, I consumed media more than I had in quite a while.

  • Multiple hours of Netflix (nothing like a mind-boggling marathon of Lost to drive away the sniffles) - TV, computer (laptop)
  • Mindless Tumblr-, Facebook-, and Pinterest-ing with Netflix as background noise - Computer (laptop), cell phone
  • Video games - Computer (laptop)
  • Games - Cell phone apps
  • Reading - Print books
  • Online CNA training - Computer (laptop)
  • YouTube videos (mostly puppies) - Computer (laptop), cell phone
  • Texting (Mom, Tanner, roommate) - Cell phone
Featured is the video that melted my heart as a former corgi owner.