Monday, March 14, 2016

Media Usage over Spring Break

While most students packed up and went to exotic places to enjoy the sun, I was trapped in windy Redfield, South Dakota with a cold.  Over the week(ish) that I spent sick, I consumed media more than I had in quite a while.

  • Multiple hours of Netflix (nothing like a mind-boggling marathon of Lost to drive away the sniffles) - TV, computer (laptop)
  • Mindless Tumblr-, Facebook-, and Pinterest-ing with Netflix as background noise - Computer (laptop), cell phone
  • Video games - Computer (laptop)
  • Games - Cell phone apps
  • Reading - Print books
  • Online CNA training - Computer (laptop)
  • YouTube videos (mostly puppies) - Computer (laptop), cell phone
  • Texting (Mom, Tanner, roommate) - Cell phone
Featured is the video that melted my heart as a former corgi owner. 

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