Thursday, April 14, 2016

Inception: How It Should Have Ended

My favorite movie, Inception, has been parodied/spoofed by the extremely popular "How It Should Have Ended" YouTube channel.  This channel parodies countless media types, ranging from movies to TV shows to video games.  The channel creates animated shorts, altering the stories of popular media to fit their ideas of how things should have gone. Typically, these "ideal endings" are utter nonsense; everybody dies, disliked characters do humiliating things, a character from a completely different film/show/game enters the story, etc.

In the parody "How Inception Should Have Ended," the creators take important plot elements, the rules of dream altering, draws attention to the poor judgement of Arthur Cobb, and pokes fun at certain events that happen during sleep as well as common dreams.  Characters unrelated to the film are also drawn in; the character of Bleeker from Juno who starred as the other half of Ellen Page's (playing Ariadne in Inception) character Juno as well as Freddy Krueger from The Nightmare on Elm Street films.

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